We understand there is no single type of student, school or community, so we have created a diversity of programs, each of which allows for flexibility within schools and local communities. MATHCOUNTS helps ensure that all students have access to interesting math and have the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


With the support of a robust network of over 17,000 educators, alumni, engineers and other professionals, we are able to reach students in all 50 states, in addition to U.S. territories and schools worldwide through the State Department and Department of Defense. Each year, over a quarter million students are exposed to MATHCOUNTS materials or participate in our programs.


MATHCOUNTS is effective because we provide students with experiences that simply cannot be replicated in the classroom. An experience with MATHCOUNTS can mean the difference between self-doubt and self-confidence. It can turn today’s math students into tomorrow’s innovators, scientists, engineers and doctors.


MATHCOUNTS shows students how math has meaning and value beyond the confines of the classroom.


A Place and a Program for Every Kind of Math Student


It starts with a LOVE of math, an intrinsic desire to solve problems. It is a deep-rooted love that colors every experience the student has with the world. It is a love with limitless potential. It is a love that can change the world. It is a love that must be nurtured.


For this student, math classes are a sanctuary, a place where she can be herself. But they are never quite enough. She hasn’t been sufficiently challenged.


Then she joins the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series team at her school. She finds complex problems to solve and a support network of students who are curious and inquisitive like she is.


Eager to see how she stacks up against the best in the country, she competes in a chapter competition. The thrill of solving a problem in a race against both the clock and other brilliant minds gives her newfound confidence in her own abilities. It doesn’t matter how far she goes, because now she knows she is capable. Now that she knows what it takes, there is no turning back.


There is a place for students who love math.




It starts with a FEAR of math, a fear of failing, of feeling inadequate. It is a deep-rooted fear that colors every learning opportunity a student has. It is a fear that, if unaddressed, will severely limit a student’s possibilities. It is an unnecessary fear that must be overcome.


For this student, math class is a place of stress and ridicule—one more situation where he might reveal his inability to make the right decision.


Then he forms a Math Video Challenge team with his classmates. He finds a new, more creative “in” with math and supportive peers who help him see that math doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety.


He is energized by the work, and his fear of math begins to diminish. His pride in his finished project and his excitement at having his talents recognized give him a newfound sense of confidence, one that he has never associated with math before. It doesn’t matter if their video wins or loses, because now he knows he can succeed in math. Now that he has made it, there is no turning back.


There is a place for students who fear math.